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Snip-its #53 figured out (for 2500L$)!

Congratulations to Car for figuring out all 3 songs on Snip-its #53 from The Howl. Not only getting entered into the drawing for a $25.00 (US) gift card to Blue Boutique (to be drawn after the end of the month), but also scoring 2500L$ on SecondLife.

For those of you following along at home …

Snip-its #53
April Wine – Big City Girls
Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing Up
Cavo – Champagne

Snip-its #54 debuted today. A fresh chance to get into that monthly drawing.

Good luck!

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Red Velvet Crush

I have had the privilege of hearing Red Velvet Crush on more than one occasion and have to say they are amazing.  Jilian has an amazing voice that will wow any crowd.  Their music will be featured here on The Howl very soon so be sure to listen in for the releases!


Q & A

Your name: Jillian Riscoe (Vocalist) and Daniel Mendala (Guitarist)

Where are you from? Somewhere in Oz (Kansas City, MO)

Name of band: (if applicable) Red Velvet Crush

Who else is in your band? (if applicable) x

How would you describe yourselves and your music? We’re both involved in everything music related and creative 24/7. Currently in the beginning phase of our debut album but it’s pop/rock..pop with an edge..we also love the acoustic, singer/songwriter aspect too..

Who are your main influences musically? We’re i...

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Legion the AK

Welcome Legion the AK to the Howl!  I decided to do a Q & A session with Wade while I sit and listen to his music at


A lot can be said about a man that has chosen to learn from his mistakes,and turn them into triumphs. Through out his life, this is exactly what Wade Martinson has done. He was born in Layton Utah, November 20th 1987,to Dwain R Martinson and Margaret Burrows. From the time Wade was born he has always had a love for music in his blood. Living most of his life in small farming communities along Utah’s Wasatch front, Wade was brought up listening to Country Western Music. He had a love for the more traditional Artists such as Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and others of that Era...
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Furtherest is a band out of Kansas City that was the brainchild of five talented musicians.  We caught up with them and decided to ask them a few questions about the band and the new CD.

Your name:     Doug Cochran and Christine Cochran

Where are you from?   Kansas City, Missouri.   US

Name of band: (if applicable) We have a couple of projects. Doug and Christine is our acoustic arrangement. Furtherest is our most recent full band project.

ocean calm

Who else is in your band? (if applicable) In the acoustic arrangement, it is just us. Furtherest includes Doug on guitar and keyboard, Christine on vocals and keyboard, Drew Burasco on drums, Tammy Gifford on keyboard, guitar, and vocals, and Melissa Hile on bass and cello.

How would you describe yourselves and your music?   We would like to thi...

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