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Thought Penny Unveils “Snowflakes and Stardust” for November 19 Release

The second release by Thought Penny, entitled “Snowflakes and Stardust” will be released on November 19. This EP is a far cry from their previous self-titled release, Thought Penny.

Snowflakes and Stardust is a live performance of their classical music written over the past four years. Both Doug and Christine have a strong background in classical music, so this was not a stretch for either of them. This EP truly shows their musical diversity.

Track List:

Snowflakes and Stardust


Tell Me

Created Beginnings

Bath of Time Serenade

Snowflakes and Stardust Reprise

About Thought Penny

Thought Penny is the newest project by Doug and Christine Cochran who believe thoughts are one of the most sought after commodities out there. We share these thoughts with others on a daily basis...

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